The Marcegaglia Carbon Steel manufacturing unit of Casalmaggiore (Cremona, Italy) sperads over a total surface of 320 thousand square meters, of which 162,000 covered, currently employing 486 workers.

The plant is mainly dedicated to the processing of carbon steel hot rolled strip for the production of welded tubes and hollow sections, round, square, rectangular and of special shapes, with thickness ranging from 1.3 and 16 mm (0.051 and 0.629 inch) and diameters from 16.75 to 406.4 mm (0.659 and 16 inch), in accordance to current norm requirements as well as to custom specifications.

The production surface and equipment additions were completed in 2011 and have allowed the plant to increase its manufacturing capacity up to over 700,000 tonnes/year.

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MARCEGAGLIA Casalmaggiore

via Vanoni, 25 – 26041 Casalmaggiore
Cremona – Italy
phone +39 . 0375 282 1
fax +39 . 0375 428 72