Varieties and uses of stainless steel
AISI 303 – its characteristics make it suitable for use in automated machinery. Used in the mass production of screws, bolts and fittings, etc.

AISI 304 – known as 18-10. High resistance to corrosion. For general use: industrial, chemical, the food, pharmaceutical and paper industries.

AISI 304 L – 18/10 very low carbon stainless steel. Extremely high resistance to intergranular corrosion which is maintained after welding without the need for solubilisation. Excellent, therefore, for use in welded constructions, ideal for deep drawing and polishing. Used in the chemical, food, textile and paper industries, especially in the construction of welded machinery.

AISI 316 – Molybdenum increases its resistance to corrosion in comparison to sulphur solutions, organic acid and chloride solutions etc, used in the chemical, textile, dry cleaning, food, plastics, paper and leather industries.

AISI 316 L – A steel similar to AISI 316 but with a higher molybdenum content that allows its use in more corrosive conditions, for instance around sulphuric acid with a concentration of less than 10% or greater than 80% at room temperature. It polishes well and does not require solubilisation after welding.

AISI 316 TI – the addition of titanium blocks the forming of chromium carbide and renders this steel particularly suitable for prolonged use the critical temperature range. Resistant to the forming of scale in temperatures up to 800° C and above.

AISI 409 FERRITIC – known as “muffler grade”, it is particularly suitable for the manufacture of motor vehicle silencers and exhaust pipes given its characteristic resistance to acidic condensate and exhaust gasses.

AISI 441/439 – belong to the ELI ferritic group or super ferritics and are extremely usable for all structural uses in not overly aggressive environments and are also a valid alternative to the more expensive austentic grades. They contain titanium and niobium, stabilising elements aimed at preventing intergranular corrosion.


Round tubes EN 10217-7, EN 10296
Min-max thickness (mm)1-4
Min-max diameter (mm)6-406,4

Round tubes for automotive applications
EN 10296 Austenitici 1.4301, 1.4307 – Ferritici 1.4512, 1.4509, 1.4510
Min-max thickness (mm)1-2
Min-max diameter (mm)32-129

Square tubes
Min-max thickness (mm)1-5
Min-max dimensions (mm)15×15 – 200×200

Rectangular tubes
Min-max thickness (mm)1-5
Min-max dimensions (mm)20×10 – 200×100

Oval tubes ASTM A554
Min-max thickness (mm)1-2
Min-max dimensions (mm)30×15 e 38,5×20

Hot rolled angular AISI 304/AISI 316
Min-max thickness (mm)2-10
Min-max dimensions (mm)20×20 – 100×100

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